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Network Administrator

Available Positions: 1
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline Date: 20th, September 2023

Main Role

1.       To provide network administration and technical support of network and hardware equipment. Responsible for ensuring that all networks, Server and desktop hardware (including peripherals) is correctly installed, configured, maintained and is available and secure.

2.       To provide information security of bank technology and computer systems. For example computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or damage.

3.       To handle Network Troubleshooting, System Administration, Firewall Administration, Information Security Policies, Penetration testing, Ethical Hacking, Security Analyst.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Technical Support and Administration

2. Administration, installation and support of all Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks and Telecoms equipment that exist within ABC Capital Bank(both branch and Head Office) including user administration, security, reliability and availability.

3. Install, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade and support hardware (Servers, PCs, peripherals, printers, and scanners), operating systems and standard software.

4. Administration and support of Active Directory, email and enterprise antivirus software.

5. Participate as a key player in the setup of new branches by installing, configuring and supporting all newly installed network and Hardware equipment.

6. Offer general technical support to all computer users, both emergency and routine.

7. Troubleshoot all network and Hardware issues to identify and resolve issues affecting users.

8. Support of internet connectivity to branches.

9. Advise on compatibility of hardware, applications and operating systems, according to user requirements.

10. Provide specifications for the procurement of hardware and software.

11. Maintain an inventory of equipment including that under repair and requisitioning for the procurement of hardware components as required.

12. Ensure the routine maintenance and servicing of equipment

13. Ensure that all IT users adhere to the ABC Capital Bank IT policies.

14. Liaise with the IT Manager regarding any technical issues that affect operations at the branch and providing recommendations on how they should best be handled.

15. Assist with documentation for the IT department such as contributions to the IT manual, Technical Support documentation and other related IT documents.