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We offer customer-centric solutions that cater for the needs of the Ugandan market, especially around digital based payments, customer acquisition, merchants, savings, electronic loans, and insurance. See the commonly asked questions:-

Any one can open an account with the bank for accounts ranging from Current accounts, savings accounts, foreign accounts, Salary accounts and Children’s accounts.

The bank offers a wide range of financing with various loan options to help you grow ranging from Business loans, working capital loans, asset financing loans, salary loans, Trade finance Options.

We offer a flexible time frame while processing the loans.

Our loan and credit facilities offer best and competitive rates in the market to suit your needs.

ABC Capital Bank operates with 2 branches, correspondents and relationships throughout. The branches include; Colline Branch– Main branch, Luwum Street Branch with dedicated staff to serve you and with the bank transforming from a Business as usual Bank to a Digital led Bank we shall serve you better.