Foreign Exchange Rates

ABC Capital Bank offers accurate and reliable best foreign exchange services with competitive rates in the market. Visit any of our branches to start transacting.

We buy and sell foreign donominated cash currency and also telegraphic transfers known as money remittances for importers and exporters as well as personal transfers for the following currencies; US dollar, Sterling pound, Euro, Kenyan Shilling, Tanzania Shilling, South Africa rand & Indian Rupees


Foreign Exchange rates

Last foreign exchanges rates updated on 6th, Mar 2023

USD / $ United States Dollar 3690.00 3730.00
GBP / £ Pound Sterling 4385.00 4625.00
EUR / European Union 3890.00 4030.00
KES / Ksh Kenyan shilling 27.20 30.20
INR / Indian Rupees 45.10 46.50