Target Account

Target Account with ABC Capital Bank

Target your dreams and make them real
The target recurring deposit account gives you the perfect opportunity to save for education, your dream holiday, home, wedding, car or even unforeseen emergencies. It offers you the flexibility of saving for a period between 6 months to 2 years.


  • Minimum opening balance of UGX 50,000 or USD 50 for USD account
  • Minimum monthly installments of UGX 50,000 with no maximum amount
  • No bank charges for deposits
  • Competitive interest paid on monthly basis calculated on the end of previous month account balances
  • No interest earned on premature withdraws
  • No debit card/cheque book issued on this account
  • Account available in UGX and USD


  • Joint accounts are allowed
  • Parents/guardians can open the account in the names of minors
  • Earn interest of up to 6% or 7% per annum for recurring deposits of 6 months and 1 year per annum for your dollar recurring deposits
  • Place a standing order and have your account once the installment falls due.

Terms and conditions apply
ABC Capital Bank Ltd is a commercial Bank regulated by Bank of Uganda