Our History

ABC Capital Bank started its journey in 1993, as a deposit taking financial institution then trading by the name Capital Finance Corporation Limited. Licensed and supervised by Bank of Uganda under the Financial Institutions Act 2004, Capital Finance Corporation Limited offered a wide range of products such as savings accounts, business accounts, fixed deposits, business loans services and remittances through Western Union money transfer agency. The target market was mainly small and medium enterprises, individual and salaried workers.

It had two branches; at Colline House and Avemar Shopping Center, Luwum Street, a nerve center of the Kampala city. These branches exist to date. In 1999, in order to diversify its products range, the institution applied to the Bank of Uganda for a forex bureau license which allowed it to establish a fully owned subsidiary under the name Capital Finance Corporation Forex Bureau. With this solid background, Capital Finance Corporation Limited looked forward to the next momentous step of converting into a fully fledged commercial bank. As advised by Bank Of Uganda, Capital Finance Corporation Limited identified a strategic banking partner in ABC Bank, a Kenyan incorporated private bank of 25 years and fast growing.

Through the tireless efforts of the Directors of Capital Finance Corporation Limited, and after adhering to all the formalities and stringent requirements of the Bank of Uganda, ABC Capital Bank Limited Uganda came into being and was licensed by Bank Of Uganda as a commercial bank on 26th February 2010.