Children’s Savings Account

Save for the future you dream of for your children with ABC Capital bank's Children’s Savings Account. Comes with attractive interest rates guarantying a secure tomorrow for your children.

Children’s Savings Account
  • Account can be opened in the minor’s names by the parent/guarduan
  • Minimum balance opening balance Ugx 50,000
  • Minimum balance UGX 50,000
  • Below minimum balance chargeof 2,500
  • Pays interest of 3% p.a
  • No charge on deposits
  • Transactional charge on withdrawals of UGX 1,100 per transaction
  • All EFTs (electronic transfers) for education payments will be done at no cost
  • 3 free banker’s cheques for the purpose of paying school fees for the respective terms
  • No monthly charge
  • Free monthly e-mail statements
  • Free transfers within ABC Capital Bank branches
  • All other services and charges will be as per the bank’s standard tariff rates


  • Valid identity document (Passport/ National Identity Card)
  • Passport size photographs