ABC Capital Call Deposits

ABC Capital Call Deposits

Have you got cash in hand, want to earn an attractive return and be able to access your money as and when required? A Call Deposit  Account is for you. Call Deposit Account is basically a demand deposit account with the benefits of term deposit account.

Enjoy easy liquidity with a Call Deposit account as funds can be withdrawn any time and preferential interest rates paid monthly.

With just a minimum deposit of UGX 1million you will generate interest ranging from 2.5% up to 4% within 7 to 30days depending on the amount deposited. Even though the deposits are called back, interest will be given for the period it has run at the prevailing rates .

Have you come to a conclusion that a Call Deposit account is what you need? Here is what you need to apply?

  • ID or passport (original and copy for new customers)
  • Two passport-size photos (for new customers)
  • Proof of physical address (for example, a utility bill or lease agreement for new customers)
  • Introduction or reference letter from either your employer or an existing  ABC CAPITAL BANK customer.
  •  Proof of funds

There you have it, Open up a Call Deposit Account today with ABC Capital Bank and start earning attractive returns. We are here to serve you even Better

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