Loans & Overdraft

Planning for long-term growth requires evaluating your capital budgeting decisions to fund this growth. Today's unpredictable economic climate is one of the greatest challenges you will face. ABC Capital Bank SME Banking will give you the support you need both to make plans and to put them into effect. 

The Bank offers the following products as part of their advances portfolio 

      1. Term Loans:These loans are advanced for the purchase of assets and the client may choose to pay through either equated or non-equated installments to suit individual requirements.  
      2. Overdrafts:Overdrafts are a flexible form of borrowing intended to finance day-to-day cash flow requirements generated by normal business activity. Our overdraft facilities are offered to our clients to assist them meet their day-to-day working capital requirements, may it be working capital, capex, upgrading factory/ office, and purchase of property or equipment.  
      3. Asset Finance:These loans are advanced for either purchase of motor vehicles or machinery. The client may pay through equated or non equated   installments to suit individual requirements.  
      4. Trade services:With the support of a global network of partners, ABC Capital Bank SME Banking provides you with a spectrum of professional Trade Services to help you capitalize on business opportunities that develop in both domestic and international business communities.  


  1. Business Loans Application Form duly completed.
  2. PIN Certificate of the applicant. 
  3. ID copies and PIN certificates of the directors.
  4. Director’s resolution to borrow.
  5. Audited financial accounts for the last three years
  6. Business latest management accounts with current aged debtors and creditors.
  7. Copies of the security documents e.g. title deed, logbook etc.
  8. Copy of the valuation report, if available.
  9. Copy of the letter(s) of offer and certified loan account statements from other institutions, if enjoying other facilities.
  10. Bank statements for the last six months, if banking elsewhere.
  11. Sketch map of physical location of the business premises.
  12. Cash flow projections for next 12 months.
  13. Copy of the business registration certificate (business names).
  14. Copy of the certificate of incorporation (limited companies).
  15. Copy of the memorandum and articles of association (limited companies).
  16. Latest returns to the registrar of companies. 


For more information or to open an account contact a Relationship Officer on tel:xx     Email: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit any of our branches.