Corporate Banking

We understand that mid to large corporates operating in the various economic sectors require specialized solutions and tailor made financial structuring to achieve optimum returns on their investments. At ABC Capital Bank we offer our customers non-funded solutions that allow businesses to transact locally and internationally with the necessary guarantees in place to facilitate execution of a transaction securely, with minimum capital outlay and in a timely manner. All clients are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager and Credit Analyst.

ABC Capital Bank offers the following services to Corporates: 

      1. Bills Discounting:
        This is done when sales are on credit and secured by accepted Bills of Exchange. The seller may use these bills to improve their cash flow by discounting the same. ABC Bank provides funds to the customer and waits for reimbursement from the drawee (buyer) of the bill at maturity.

      2. Invoice Discounting:
        This happens when sales are on credit. The seller uses these invoices to improve their cash flow by discounting the same. ABC Bank provides funds to the customer and waits for reimbursement from the buyer of the invoice at maturity.

        Letter of Guarantee:
      3. It isa non-cancelable financial commitment by the bank which is given towards the timely payment of a fixed amount up to a maturity date, subject to terms and conditions.

      4. Bonds:
        The types of bonds include Bid, Performance, Transit and Shipping bonds, which are issued by the bank on behalf of the customer. They allow for the specified no-funded transaction to take place.

      5.  Letter of Credit (L/C):
        This is an unconditional undertaking issued by the bank on behalf of the buyer (applicant), favoring the seller (beneficiary) that provided the stipulated documents. They are presented confirming that terms and conditions of the L/C have been complied with, and then payment is done. The L/C assures the buyer that the seller will perform before being paid and the sellers are assured that payment will be received, provided that terms and conditions are compiled with. ABC Bank offers international and local L/C products.

      6. Pre-shipment Finance:
        This facility enables the exporter to access funds that will help in preparing the goods for export. It is normally supported by confirmed export order.
      7. Post Export finance:
        This facility enables an exporter to access funds against proceeds expected from goods that have been exported.

      8. Documentary Collections:
        The seller may develop a level of trust with the buyer to the extent that goods will be shipped to the buyer even before payment has been made. Documents (including transport documents) will then be sent through the banking system. The seller's bank will instruct the buyer's bank to release the documents on fulfillment of some conditions. Documentary collections help the seller to control documents and title to goods while assuring the buyer that the goods have been shipped.



Our Current Accounts are designed to handle high number of transactions. With unlimited cash and cheque book transaction, this account gives you the convenience of managing your day to day financial transactions with ease. Our Relationship Officers are dedicated to be the most accessible Corporate Bankers, ready to help you do your day to day banking and grow your business.

How to open an Corporate Account

      1. Original and Copy of ID and a referee for individuals
      2. Original and Copy of ID for each official for companies
      3. Original and Copy of business PIN certificate
      4. Original and Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Registration Certificate and Director's Resolution.

ABC Capital Bank Corporate Account features & benefits

      1. The account can be operated in these currencies: Uganda shillings, US Dollars, Sterling Pounds or Euro
      2. Opening balance Kshs. 10,000.00
      3. Minimum balance: NIL
      4. Access to overdraft (conditions apply)
      5. Sweep facility to any other account within the bank (no need to physically having to transfer money from one account to another)
      6. Free internal transfers
      7. Free monthly statements
      8. Discounted rates on banker’s cheques


Foreign Current Accounts
Opening balance USD 500/GBP 100/EURO 100 ; Cash handling fee 1% on cash deposit

Fixed Deposits Accounts
With very competitive interest rates for your term deposit the bank offers the following options:


    1. Fixed Deposits Account with interest paid on maturity.This product offers the client an opportunity to choose whether interest should be compounded or paid to an operative account upon maturity of the deposit. Renewal is automatic if the client so wishes & the account can be opened in either local or foreign currencies. The minimum balance is Ugx. 1,000,000 This account has no charges.

    2. Fixed Deposits Account with interest paid monthly for the life of the deposit.Renewal is also automatic & the minimum balance is only Ugx. 1,000,000. 

Flexi fixed Account
This is ideal for businesses running an Overdraft account, as it acts as security for the overdraft as it can be accessed in time of need

For more information or to open an account contact a Relationship Officer on tel:0414345200, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit any of our branches.